Request: DVD ordering

Mar 27, 2011 at 7:53 PM

I have a request for a feature that I think would be a small change to implement but a major change in the usability of this tool: the ability to choose whether to have TV episodes renamed and organized according to their airdate or their DVD order number.

Take for example the series Undeclared.  Because it was jerked around by TV execs during its initial run, the episodes were originally aired in an almost random order.  The DVD set orders them the way they were intended.  Media Scout took a look at my media, saw the episode names (with the correct DVD episode order), and then renamed them all according to their airdates.  So the only episode that came out of the process with the correct metadata was the pilot.  Everything else is mislabeled.  I have seen this also in some seasons of South Park.

I'm surprised, actually, that no one else seems to have encountered this issue yet or said anything (as far as I can find), but for me it's a pretty big deal.

Thanks for your time, and for an awesome tool.