very nice program

Jan 20, 2013 at 2:26 PM

cool program - like the fact that it supports wmc & xbmc together - couple of suggestions though

allow user limitation for backdrops - maybe you want 5 or 10 different backdrops - not all or 1 (some shows have over 40 backdrops on tmdb/tvdb
if there are multiple instances of a show, allow user to decide which one to choose.

if metadata exists for xbmc or wmc don't query tmdb/tvdb for info. i have a lot of shows i have made up my own metadata for, whether they are Joan and jimmy's wedding video or an independent film release, not on tmdb, I made metadata for manually with an old version of metabrowser which only supports wmc. and wanted to convert this info for xbmc, but cannot as media scout will not read the metadata and thus cannot find the relevant info