Solution: Different Languages for TV-Series Processing

Mar 12, 2011 at 11:16 AM


I've got TV-series in englisch and german (in some cases even the very same TV-show) and the language switcher at the moment only supports one language at a time. Before I used folders like "<SomeSeriesName> (ger)" and "<SomeSeriesName> (eng)". However as MediaScout renames folders this won't work. Now I use subfolders like "Series/ger/<SomeSeriesName>" and "Series/eng/<SomeSeriesName>". The only thing one needs is two separate MediaScouts. This can be done by the Windows "runas" command (just needs seperate user account with password). Now I have two MediaScouts on the same system which don't interfere (language switching won't work correctly due to caching if there is the same show in two languages).

I never would suggest a feature which allows a per-folder-definition of series and language and another one which allows to create a renaming pattern (or to forbid series name renaming) as this would harm many of the cool features. Just wanted to push this info in case anyone else has this issue.