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Metadata Fetcher for TV Shows and Movies, to be used with XBMC/MediaBrowser. Its developed in Visual C# targeting .Net Framework 4.0.


Looking for C# developers, WPF Experts. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact krishmav

Please submit reviews, bugs on preview 4. Please mention issues in detail with an example.

MediaScout 3.0 Preview 4 uploaded

MediaScout 4.0 (In Development) MediaScout 3.0 Final Current Release MediaScout 3.0 Preview 4 Beta
Work List Items Status Work List Items Status Work List Items Status
Plugin Based Architecture Done CLI (Command Line Interface) - Minor Updates Done
Ribbon Interface Done IMDb Provider Done App Crash Log Done
Dockable UI Done TVRage Provider Done Menu Bar Done
Chrome Window UI Done Plugin Extensibility Done Local Title Bug Fixed
Subtitles Download support - Chrome Window UI Done Corrected few bugs Done
Trailers Download support - Themes Done Search By Year Done
MetaType Creator - Multiple Language Support Done
MediaScout Provider (TMDb/IMDb/TVDb) - supports extended selection Done
Improved Selection/Search Dialogs Done

Refer to Documentation for any help in using the software

  • Supports downloading of all images for slideshow (backdrops, posters etc)
  • Downloads actors info and images corresponding to XBMC or MediaBrowser metadata.
  • Moves orphaned files metadata while renaming or moving
  • Prompts for Title Selection for movies with multiple titles
  • Uses Windows 7 Taskbar features like Progress Status, Jumplist, Thumbnail Buttons for Canceling Operations.
  • Preselect Movie for Bulk Movie processing
  • Complete Log of Operations Performed
  • New UI, adaptable to touchscreens
  • First Run Wizard
  • Support unorganized Files/episodes collection view into Unsorted Episodes/Files. Also, supports individual processing and fetching
  • Pause/Play operations from Taskbar Thumbnail buttons
  • Supports Multiple Folders for TV Shows/Movies

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